FastCast FAQ

Why can’t I cast sound to the TV?
Due to the security restrictions of the Android system, the sound cannot be delivered to the TV for the time being, and currently only the picture can be delivered. However, we do have TIPS for you: You can connect an external speaker device through your mobile phone to play sound.
How to cast online videos to the TV?
Open FastCast TV, and check the TV device name. Remember to keep your phone and TV on the same network. Select the corresponding device on the phone devices list and tap the TV icon on the video play page to start the casting.
Why can’t not find my TV?
A. Make sure that your phone and your TV are connecting to the same network. B. Reboot your phone or TV and your network, reconnect them to the same network.
Why does the projection screen freeze and often disconnect?
A. Please confirm whether the mobile phone and the TV are running slowly, close the unnecessary running programs, and reserve enough running space. B. Please place the router next to the TV, and do not leave the phone too far away during the casting operation.